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As I mentioned in my creative outlets post i sometimes enjoy writing little jokey, silly poems about random subjects. I don’t mean that serious, depressing, melodramatic dying-in-side kind of poetry, just silly little rhymes, so i thought i would put one up here, as a way of sharing it with the world (or, at least the few dozen people who have viewed my blog) so here it is, a poem i wrote titled “what happened to sunny days” (oh by the way it does start off sounding weird and serious but its all a joke and makes sense at the end

what happened to sunny days

I stand there lonely,

with a beaming smile,

although I am alone,

for many a mile,


seen by all,

but they look away,  

stuck in this loop,  

every day,


they never enjoy me anymore,

they never play outside,

because now electronics have taken over,

behind phone screens they hide,


so now as I stay here alone,

not appreciated, or enjoyed,

maybe i should just leave,  

this makes me so annoyed,


I’ll go away,

lets just see,

how they will get on,  

when there’s no me


If electronics,

are all that fun,

 then I’ll go away,

 yes me, the sun!

thanks for stopping by!


for those of you who enjoy poetry, but can’t rhyme to save your life, try this rhyming dictionary from penguin:

The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary (Dictionary, Penguin)


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