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what is with those goo aliens?

So the other day, my younger sister started talking about those small alien toys in goo, do you remember? Everybody rushed out to get them because they allegedly grew and had little alien babies, looking back now I realised how stupid I was to think this would actually work. But of course, I had spent my pocket money on buying three of these, and was determined for them to do what my friends said they did, also, at this time I was desperate for a pet and thought if I could look after this, my mum may agree to get me one. But of course, she knew the aliens needed no looking after, they were toys.

So I tried everything to help them grow and have babies, put them in the same container for a week, leaving them in the freezer for two weeks, anything else I could find on the internet so I could make my aliens have little alien babies. Someone at school even told me their alien had 10 babies and I could buy one if I gave them £2 (I gave them the money, but never got the alien) but I soon realised it was all a myth and I was never gonna get the baby aliens.

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