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Ten best ways to spend your school holidays

1. Make yourself a list of 5-10 things you want to do and do them all before the end of the holiday, these don’t have to be huge things, just small little ones like getting round to reading that book you’ve had forever, or catching up with an old friend.

2. Have a huge clear out and get rid of all the junk and clutter in your bedroom, you could sell it on eBay , go to a car boot sale or just give it to a charity shop.

3. Experiment in the kitchen, this can be both fun and practical, if the food tastes nice you will know to make it again, a great thing to make is milkshakes or smoothies.

4. plan what you are going to do in advance so you have an idea of what days you are free on, and make sure you stick to the arrangements.

5. find a new passion, discover something you love and work at it.

6. scrapbook! This can be really fun if you are a creative person, get a nice book, some photos and glue and get scrap booking.

7. go to a place from your past, if you went to a place when you were younger that is full of happy childhood memories, visit it and see how it has changed.

8. find a new TV show to binge watch, there is no better time than school holidays to relax by watching TV.

9. start a holiday diary and fill it with all you have done so when you are old you can see how you spent your time

10. Try and spend the whole of the holidays without electronic devises, this seems impossible at first but after a while, you realise how much more time we have.

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