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7 best tv shows for teenage girls


1.New Girl

This tv show is a hilarious sitcom centered around Jess Day, a quirky, adorkable character who moves in with three strangers following a difficult breakup and surprises them all with her strange ways, this is similar to friends and how i met your mother, so if you like those, this show is for you.

Years:2011- present

Rating: 15

Seasons: 6 

On Netflix?: No

2. Once upon a time

Once upon a time is an excellent tv drama set in a world where all fairy tale characters are real and have forgotten who they are. Although the plot may seem childish, this show is executed in a way that it does not seem at all aimed exclusively at young children.

Years: 2011-present

Rating: pg


On Netflix?: Yes

3.How I met your Mother

How i met your mother is an extremely funny sitcom set in Manhattan about five young adults at different stages in their lives. 

Years: 2005-2014

Rating: 12/15

Seasons: 9

On Netflix?: Yes

4. This is us

This is us is a great tv show that is quite new and was renewed for two more seasons just a few episodes in. It is a good mix of everything but be warned, you will probably cry, a lot!

Years: 2016-present

Rating: 12


On Netflix?: no


Friends is probably the most well known tv shows on this list, it is a similar plot to How I met your Mother, with six adults in their 20′ s living in New York, who all have different issues in their life.

Years: 1994-2004

Rating: 12

Seasons: 10

On Netflix?: US,Not Uk

6. Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn nine-nine is a comedy set in a New York police precinct.

Years: 2013- present

Rating: 12


On Netflix?: yes

7.Unbreakable:Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt is a very wacky comedy about a womn who gets released from a cult that was told an apocalypse had wiped out humanity.

Years: 2014-present

Rating: 12/15


On Netflix?: Yes




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