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7 skills that you can learn at home

How to play just about any instrument

For this, you will need to have an instrument, or at least a good friend with one. With YouTube and google, learning a skill like this is easier than ever before.

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Whether its beans on toast or gourmet dishes, most people can cook something, so why not expand on your knowledge and make something you never had before, for a very easy starting point, try this.

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The meaning of dreams

How cool would it be if next time your friend had a crazy dream, you could tell them exactly what it meant and have them be amazed at the accuracy.


This one might take a while, but with the help of audio disks and some websites, languages are pretty much at your finger tips.

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As a very persuasive person, I know how useful this skill can be. Google how to do this and get your way!

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Cool words

So, this isn’t really a skill but long and unusual words are fun to say and impressive to others (also I really wanted to use a Mary Poppins GIF)


If like me you enjoy writing, this would be a great skill to try. There are loads of courses you can take online.

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