A-Z of things i want to do (part 1)

Act –  A few months ago, I joined a theater group and It has made me realise how much I enjoy drama.

Buy and ice crusher – don’t even ask about this one, I just think it’s so cool and I desperately want one.

Camp – I have never been camping, and want to try it, I keep telling myself I will, but I hate bugs and do not like the idea of sleeping on the floor.

Do something stupid and don’t care what anyone thinks – sometimes you want to do something, but you hold yourself back due to the risk of embarrassment but sometimes you just need to do it anyway.

Email someone I admire about why I do – Ok, so I know no one uses email any more, but E is hard!

Fly – everybody wants to fly because well, ITS FLYING!

Get a pet monkey – when I found out pet monkeys were legal, I knew I had to get one.

Have a mansion with a slide that goes down five stories – who doesn’t want to walk up their stairs and then use a slide to get back down again.

Interview anyone in the world and they have to answer everything honestly –  I just think this would be cool to know everything about them.

Just be me- cause i’m pretty awesome, and so is self-appreciation

This post took a lot longer than I expected to write and it’s already got nearly 250 words, so I will do another part with the rest of the alphabet

Thanks for stopping by!




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