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WOOOOOOW I have not written in ages! Ok sorry guys…

Anyway not much has happened since my last post kinda just took a blogging break. But now I am back (the whole world cheers and collectively does the conga, BTW what happened to the conga? that was amazing. I haven’t conga’d in like, 5 years… anyway straying from the point) so yes! I can’t go back to my old schedule because i am now busy on Thursdays (you can blame sports for that)  so i will have to figure out a new one. 

So whats happened with you guys over the past two weeks? tell me in the comments or use my blog email

Missed Ya, Myhappycorneroftheinternet


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7 skills that you can learn at home

How to play just about any instrument

For this, you will need to have an instrument, or at least a good friend with one. With YouTube and google, learning a skill like this is easier than ever before.

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Whether its beans on toast or gourmet dishes, most people can cook something, so why not expand on your knowledge and make something you never had before, for a very easy starting point, try this.

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The meaning of dreams

How cool would it be if next time your friend had a crazy dream, you could tell them exactly what it meant and have them be amazed at the accuracy.


This one might take a while, but with the help of audio disks and some websites, languages are pretty much at your finger tips.

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As a very persuasive person, I know how useful this skill can be. Google how to do this and get your way!

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Cool words

So, this isn’t really a skill but long and unusual words are fun to say and impressive to others (also I really wanted to use a Mary Poppins GIF)


If like me you enjoy writing, this would be a great skill to try. There are loads of courses you can take online.

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7 best tv shows for teenage girls


1.New Girl

This tv show is a hilarious sitcom centered around Jess Day, a quirky, adorkable character who moves in with three strangers following a difficult breakup and surprises them all with her strange ways, this is similar to friends and how i met your mother, so if you like those, this show is for you.

Years:2011- present

Rating: 15

Seasons: 6 

On Netflix?: No

2. Once upon a time

Once upon a time is an excellent tv drama set in a world where all fairy tale characters are real and have forgotten who they are. Although the plot may seem childish, this show is executed in a way that it does not seem at all aimed exclusively at young children.

Years: 2011-present

Rating: pg


On Netflix?: Yes

3.How I met your Mother

How i met your mother is an extremely funny sitcom set in Manhattan about five young adults at different stages in their lives. 

Years: 2005-2014

Rating: 12/15

Seasons: 9

On Netflix?: Yes

4. This is us

This is us is a great tv show that is quite new and was renewed for two more seasons just a few episodes in. It is a good mix of everything but be warned, you will probably cry, a lot!

Years: 2016-present

Rating: 12


On Netflix?: no


Friends is probably the most well known tv shows on this list, it is a similar plot to How I met your Mother, with six adults in their 20′ s living in New York, who all have different issues in their life.

Years: 1994-2004

Rating: 12

Seasons: 10

On Netflix?: US,Not Uk

6. Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn nine-nine is a comedy set in a New York police precinct.

Years: 2013- present

Rating: 12


On Netflix?: yes

7.Unbreakable:Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt is a very wacky comedy about a womn who gets released from a cult that was told an apocalypse had wiped out humanity.

Years: 2014-present

Rating: 12/15


On Netflix?: Yes



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10 conversation topics for awkward silences

Oh awkward silences, the longer they last the worse they get. Sometimes you just need to start a conversation and combat them before they get worse, so i have put together this list in no particular order:

1. Tv shows – Where would we be with out that little magic rectangle in our living room, it provides lots of entertainment and connects us to so many people who love the same shows, so if you ask someone their favourite TV shows, you may like some of them too and can have a nice chat about that for a while.

2. Talk about how you spent the weekend – Ah the weekend, some people (unlike me) have a very eventful weekend and one thing everyone loves to talk about is themselves, so if you ask someone how they spent their weekend, chances are they will have a lot to say, silence begone!

3. Have you seen…- this works with a funny video, ask the person if they have seen the video, if they haven’t seen it show it to them, laughter is the best icebreaker.

4. Gossip – gossip can be dangerous if your caught or ratted out, but there is no denying it makes for an excellent icebreaker, and will make the person feel comfortable around you, but try not to say mean things, because that will make them feel cautious around you and will not trust you.

5. hum a song – if you like a song that is quite popular, the other person may like it too, so take a chance and  hope it leads to conversation

6. an embarrassing or awkward thing that has happened to you recently – This may seem hard, sharing an embarrassing story requires a lot of confidence, and you need the ability to laugh at yourself, but the other person will connect with and relate to you more afterwards

7. how do you feel about…- if there has been a controversial topic in the news recently, asking someones opinion is a great way to make them feel like they can be open and honest, especially if they have strong opinions on the topic

8. are you excited for…- if a holiday like christmas or Halloween is coming up, asking if someone is exited for it is a great way to start a conversation. It also leads to the follow-up “what do you want for christmas?”

9. What does your name mean?- as someone with an unusual name, i get this a lot. It only works if the person has a rare name that you have never really heard before.

10. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?- I love this one, it starts a long conversations of dreams and likes, you can learn a lot about a person from the answer they give.

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10 things to do when you’re home alone

1. PILLOW FORT!!!: This is one of the best things to do when you are home alone, get loads of pillows and blankets and go crazy! Get snacks and maybe put on a movie, once you go in, you will never want to come out.

2. one-model fashion show: raid your wardrobe for your craziest outfits and put them on, take lots of pictures and then cringe at how crazy you look.

3. film a fake news report about an event in your life on your phone: This can be so fun, and it makes for a great laugh in re-watches.

4. Sing made up songs about random products in your house: Whether its kitchen towels or lampshades, this is great fun.

5. Listen to Disney songs: you can make up a dance routine or just listen and let the nostalgia come.

6. put your favourite song on full blast: Listen again and again so loud your ear drums may burst.

7. Time yourself running around the house: run into and around every room in your house while timing yourself.

8. Make the most crazy food out of things in your cupboards: bread, sprinkles, broccoli and peanut butter may not sound very nice now, but hey, you never know if you don’t try.

9. Do crazy makeup: make your face into a purple panda, a butterfly, or anything your heart desires.

10. re-enact movie scenes: google the scripts and get the camera rolling because, why not?




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Ten best ways to spend your school holidays

1. Make yourself a list of 5-10 things you want to do and do them all before the end of the holiday, these don’t have to be huge things, just small little ones like getting round to reading that book you’ve had forever, or catching up with an old friend.

2. Have a huge clear out and get rid of all the junk and clutter in your bedroom, you could sell it on eBay , go to a car boot sale or just give it to a charity shop.

3. Experiment in the kitchen, this can be both fun and practical, if the food tastes nice you will know to make it again, a great thing to make is milkshakes or smoothies.

4. plan what you are going to do in advance so you have an idea of what days you are free on, and make sure you stick to the arrangements.

5. find a new passion, discover something you love and work at it.

6. scrapbook! This can be really fun if you are a creative person, get a nice book, some photos and glue and get scrap booking.

7. go to a place from your past, if you went to a place when you were younger that is full of happy childhood memories, visit it and see how it has changed.

8. find a new TV show to binge watch, there is no better time than school holidays to relax by watching TV.

9. start a holiday diary and fill it with all you have done so when you are old you can see how you spent your time

10. Try and spend the whole of the holidays without electronic devises, this seems impossible at first but after a while, you realise how much more time we have.

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what is with those goo aliens?

So the other day, my younger sister started talking about those small alien toys in goo, do you remember? Everybody rushed out to get them because they allegedly grew and had little alien babies, looking back now I realised how stupid I was to think this would actually work. But of course, I had spent my pocket money on buying three of these, and was determined for them to do what my friends said they did, also, at this time I was desperate for a pet and thought if I could look after this, my mum may agree to get me one. But of course, she knew the aliens needed no looking after, they were toys.

So I tried everything to help them grow and have babies, put them in the same container for a week, leaving them in the freezer for two weeks, anything else I could find on the internet so I could make my aliens have little alien babies. Someone at school even told me their alien had 10 babies and I could buy one if I gave them £2 (I gave them the money, but never got the alien) but I soon realised it was all a myth and I was never gonna get the baby aliens.

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